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About Net4Music

Founded in 1999, Net4Music was's biggest competitor and a spectacular achievement for that period of time on the Internet. The sites goal was to be the leading provider of digitized sheet music and they grew quickly by establishing relationships with the world's most important sheet music publishers.

Thanks to these strategic partnerships, Net4Music was able to make a tremendous amount of copyrighted sheet music available to the public, most of it for free or at very low cost. Unlike other free music download sites, Net4Music used a proprietary SMDE (sheet music distribution engine) to ensure that the rights of the artists and publishers were properly protected.

At it's peak, Net4Music had over 700 files from the Schott classical catalog to over 2,000 files of pop music, rock music, country music, jazz and more. The navigation on the site was perfect in that you could easily find the sheet music you were looking for by seraching by composer or artist, publisher, instrument, genre or a combination of those factors.

Net4Music made its largest push into digitizing sheet music for all to downlaod via free music downloads when they started developing exciting products and services that enhanced the overall musical experience. The almost achieved this by establishing relationships with musical instrument manufacturers, music content providers, concert venues and the musical artists themselves. Net4Music really was where musicians connect by bringing the musicians of the world together.

Music Genre

At it's peak, Net4Music had thousands of sheet music files online for anyone and everyone to download. It was one of the largest collections of sheet music seen online. While those days are now far behind us, it's important to remember all the different music genres that Net4Music had sheet music for online:


Net4Music had a TON of composers' sheet music digitalized and available for download for free or as little as 50 cents. Much lower prices than the music sheet leader of today: While it may be a moot point now, here's a short list of some of the composers they had sheet music for:


The great thing about Net4Music was that it was so easy to find sheet music by muscial isntrument. A quick search always gave you the latest and greatest music notes for string instruments, woodwind instruments, brass instruments, percussion instruments, keyboard instruments, etc. Here's how detailed the music notes were:

String Instruments Net4Music had sheet music for:

Woodwind Instruments Net4Music had music notes for:

Brass Instruments Net4Music had sheet music for:

Percussion Instruments Net4Music had music notes for: